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Sand Dollar Decorated Cookies for Beach & Nautical Themed Parties

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Sand Dollar Cookies for Beach & Nautical Themed Weddings and Parties

Its a blessing to stumble upon on a Sand Dollar Shell when I walk the shores in Maine, but down here in New York, we don't have them on our beach shorelines and miss them very much!

Thanks to a friend, I found these Sand Dollar decorated sugar cookies and fell in love with the idea by This sweet idea had to be shared with our Ocean Blu readers! 

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To make sand dollar cookies you will need:

  • white 20-second icing
  • white piping icing fitted with a #1.5 tip
  • pushpin
  • pearl luster dust or spray {optional}

Anywho, think of this cookie as a clock. Use 20-second icing to make holes at 11, 1, 4, 6 and 8 o’clock.  You must work quickly when applying the base to avoid any noticeable seams. 


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