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Sand Dollar Decorated Cookies for Beach & Nautical Themed Parties

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Sand Dollar Cookies for Beach & Nautical Themed Weddings and Parties

Its a blessing to stumble upon on a Sand Dollar Shell when I walk the shores in Maine, but down here in New York, we don't have them on our beach shorelines and miss them very much!

Thanks to a friend, I found these Sand Dollar decorated sugar cookies and fell in love with the idea by This sweet idea had to be shared with our Ocean Blu readers!

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To make sand dollar cookies you will need:

  • white 20-second icing
  • white piping icing fitted with a #1.5 tip
  • pushpin
  • pearl luster dust or spray {optional}

Anywho, think of this cookie as a clock. Use 20-second icing to make holes at 11, 1, 4, 6 and 8 o’clock.  You must work quickly when applying the base to avoid any noticeable seams. 

sand dollar decorated sugar cookies


Once that’s done, make a ring around the edge of the cookie then quickly flood it all together.  Make sure to make your spaces wide enough so that the have room to spread without running into one another. Then Fill in the empty space. 

Use a pushpin to mark the center of the cookie before adding the center star. Using the pinhole as a starting point, begin forming loops between each of the openings.  There will be five in all.

Sand Dollar Cookies for Beach & Nautical Themed Weddings and Parties

Let the cookie dry.  You can stop there and it would be perfectly okay, but I wanted to add a little more pizazz to my sand dollar. I added a few tiny dots above each loop and then gave it a little mist of pearl sheen with my airbrush.  The shimmer is subtle, but it really adds a lot.

These cookies can stand on their own, but they also look great mixed with pretty seashell, seahorse, and starfish cookies.  If you really want to get creative try laying them out on a bed of raw sugar, which looks like sand.  It really makes for a beautiful presentation.

Sand Dollar Cookies for Beach & Nautical Themed Weddings and Parties

There are more designs on her blog please feel free to visit


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