Ocean Blu Designs_Coastal Home Design & Decor Accents

Ocean Blu Designs_Coastal Home Design & Decor Accents

Ocean Blu's founder Amy Kang has started her interior decorating career as a real estate staging design firm, mostly for million dollar Hampton and North Shore Long Island estates. Serving high profile clients who are use to all the luxuries of their metropolitan lifestyle, the marriage between contemporary design and elegant coastal living has begun. 

In the midst of designing many homes, here is a house that is dear to Amy's heart, her own. The house is all impeccably newly renovated down to the bare bones and even built out, by Madison Builder NY.

Since we have many rooms to walk through, I've decided to make a blog entry in sections, so we can explore the design details in depth. To begin, we will take a look at her foyer and Staircase.

When you walk through the doors, you are greeted by a grand white staircase and a montage of costal decor accents beneath a photography by one of Amy's favorite ocean photographers. If you're interested in the photographers' name, I will get that information for you shortly, so stay tuned!

The foyer console table is all natural cut wood harvested and designed to be a raw wooden slab as a tabletop with metal legs, custom made for her house and store. The coastal decor accents - large decorative clam shell, Japanese Glass Fishing Floats and lanterns may be available in-store and/or in our online store.

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See you here again soon! Aloha!