ocean blu designs best holiday christmas gifts ever

ocean blu designs best holiday christmas gifts ever

We have found that Holiday Gift giving has become a chore for some and an after thought for others, but thank heavens for us and our addiction to finding the best gifts out there!  We have so great vendors and designer friends that we had to share their many products with you - just in time for gift giving season. So, if you think this is helpful information, have a seat and take a look at what we have found and offer in our online store. 

Today we are sharing our favorite Faux Fur Throw Blankets.

Who would you buy this for?

1. Someone you'd like to impress when you have them over your house, when they throw down their coats in your bedroom. Uh huh! Bam! 

2. A hostess with the mostest! They went through a lot of care and work to have you over, so gift them with something warm and soft for when they relax after you've left them with a ton of dishes to do. Hee Hee!

3. Your bedroom partner! Wifey, Hubby, Girl Friend or Boy Friend. I'll leave the rest up to you and that darn mistletoe! 

Happy Shopping!