Great ideas!!! Nature Inspired Home Decor Ideas! Agate, cowhide, stone. Found on

Whenever a customer comes into our New York store, they always stop at the first interesting thing they can find and give it a good feel. If it's a fabric material, they'll give it the texture test. Next, if it's a sculpture, the pick it up test. We love these experiments with products they've just newly discovered. So,  here is a mini collage of what they are noticing in store.

The bookends are real natural agate cut with a diamond laser. 

The pillows are made of multiple pieces of dyed cowhide sewn together and filled with your choice of polyester or down feathers. Easily maintained per directions. 

The lamp is a natural alabaster stone base. Doesn't it seem to glow even with the lights off?!

The throw blanket is acrylic/polyester, but the best part of it is, is that it's made from hand - handwoven in India.

 The photo image you see is highlighting a cowhide rug, also dyed and pieced together to make an intricate puzzle of pieces seem effortless. Our clients love that it comes in 4 different sizes for their rooms. 

If you're interested in any of these items, please visit our online store and let your imagination take you to new places!