For many of us coastal and beach lovers, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss at how to display them exactly. Would you like a quick mini guide? I thought so!  Here is your quick guide on how to display your sea shells, star fish and coral. If you have a favorite spot for them, let us know too! 


If you've collected enough and have some favorites you'd like to cherish, make them into an artwork on display for everyone to see. Your imagination can run wild and all you probably will need is a working glue gun. Here's a mirror to show you how it can look. Remember, Glue + Shell = Art!

Sea shell mirrorsPhoto by: Aimee Herring via


Here is the 2nd easiest way to display your sea shells, starfish and coral (depending on sizes). Add them to a bottle and label them if you've found them somewhere special. Example: Hamptons, NY or Laguna Beach, CA. 

Beachy Deco - Beach Window Sill with Bottles of SeashellsPhotos by: Burcu Avsar

The easiest way to display them is to lay your larger pieces on your coffee books or on your shelves as seen in this photo. 
beach starfish and white coral
Getty Images via
Hope this helps you feel a little better about bringing home that bucket of shells and starfish from the beach next time!
But remember, if they're still alive, leave them in the water!
Happy Beach, Happy Beachcomber!