Viterra mineral glass vase

Vittera Mineral Glass Vase

Viterra is a new boutique art glass brand, based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The collection includes vases, centerpieces, bowls, platters, candlesticks and objets d’art, all handmade.

The “Magma” designs are crafted in a combination of transparent amber colour with an opaque glass element reminiscent of stone. Sizes range from an 8” vase to an impressive 17” tall vase which is perfect for larger spaces. It is an art object on its own.
The “Galena” vases combine luster finish with caramel and teal 
swirling colors in organic shapes. “Magma” and ”Galena” items are very well priced and most can retail at below $100.00. 

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