via ChapterFriday.comDIY Palm Leaf in a Frame

Bring your favorite tropical vacation home with you with simply bringing in palm leaves as shown here by We love the contrast of the dark green leaves against any color, so don't be afraid to try this great DIY project for your home. It may inspire you to plan your next tropical vacation a little sooner than expected or maybe even a life change? Let us know how it goes! Here is what you'll need. 

What you’ll need
• A floating frame
• A palm leaf that fits your frame
• Scissors
• A bit of patience (seriously, prepare)

DIY Palm Leaf in a Frame

What you’ll do:
Step 1: In the ideal situation, your palm leaf fits your floating frame. No worries if they doesn’t match perfectly, that’s where the scissors come in later on.

Step 2: This method looks like braiding, but it’s actually called plain weave. Start with the left half of the leaf. Bend each palm ‘strip’ at a 45-degree angle, where the strips are above and below, alternately. Start at the bottom of the leaf and work your way up, bending every strip.

Step 3: Repeat the over-under pattern with the opposite half of the leaf. Again, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Step 4: Lay your braided leaf flat on the table (face down) and place the glass sheet of the floating frame over your leaf. Measure and cut off excess material. Also, cut off the remaining stem.

Step 5: Place the leaf firmly between the glass and make sure it’s not able to move around in your frame.

Step 6: Congrats! You made your own leaf art! Now give it a special spot in your home. Enjoy.