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Adding Nature to your Home Decor

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REPIN! Our favorite Coastal Art

We love the many colors of the ocean, but having chosen Ocean Blu Designs to put on our sign post, it may be a little obvious that we love the color blue the most. From the deep sapphire jewel tones of the ocean deep to the Caribbean emerald jewel tones you find by the beaches, we love the ocean blue. So, why not bring that indoors? 

Repin! Coral Sculpture made from resin -

Maybe you don't prefer to have blue's in your home decorating palette - I've also added a few coastal inspirations for you to choose from that are not blue. 

REPIN! Our favorite Coastal Art

REPIN! Our favorite Coastal Art

As for the coral we have in-store, they are made from resin and are only replica's of what should be left untouched, but amazingly breath-taking. Don't you agree?

Visit us online or at our location in Roslyn Heights, New York to find more amazing natural elements of the coast!


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