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Best Summer Patio Decor Accents

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Ocean Blu Designs - Beach & Coastal Home Ideas

Bring your patio to life this summer! It's a great time to find deck furniture and accents at a great price and still use them for a few months as the days are warm and the pool is in full use or for the warm and cooler nights for all the firefly gazing you'll be doing. 

Some things that should be on your patio list: 

  1. Clean Deck / Patio - Start with a fresh clean area. 
  2. Start with large furniture pieces and area rugs.
  3. Add lighting touches. There are many new solar and LED wireless solutions. 
  4. Add the soft and smaller items to make the deck space cozier. 
  5. Bring on the guests and party!


Ocean Blu Designs - Beach & Coastal Home Ideas

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