Ocean Blu Designs Long Island Interior Designers Bathroom Designs

Ocean Blu Designs Long Island Interior Designers Bathroom Designs

Have you ever visited a hotel bathroom you wished was magically a bathroom in your own home? Here is a guest bathroom design we have created just with that in mind. Bring home the luxuries by making amazing high luxury design decisions.

Here, we've used the best materials and bathroom pieces, but for a design on a budget, there are many versions of this design for you available at a local home store.

Take a look. Choose luxury materials chrome, nickel coated pieces, etched glass, marble tiles and more. For a budget conscience design, look for imitations or even hunt for a remnants section for pieces of marble or materials that will help your design one step further.  

We know it can be hard deciding what type of bathroom design you want to go with especially if you want to make a profit with your home in the future.

If you do not prefer the white bathrooms, no worries, you can add colors with your toiletries, towels, flowers and other accents.

You can also try shapes in similar tones like the white accents in our Hampton home design.

This guest bathroom is perfect to grow into with color accents, so enjoy a clean hotel bathroom with superb color accents to warm your home.