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Finding the Perfect Lighting Design for Your Home

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The right lighting can make or break your room design. So how do you know if you're making the right decision in the end? Here are a few designs we did for one of our favorite clients. 

Every room we designed for had the right lighting in mind before we finalized all the details. Did the room need a chandelier, table lamps, sconces or a ceiling light? These are the questions that cross our minds and then we go with a few factors. 

1. What is the overall feel of the house design. Coastal? Traditional? Modern? Eclectic? 

2. What will the space be used for? Entertaining? Seating area? Dining Table? 

3. What needs to be seen in the room? Books for reading? Closet and Changing Room? Dining ambience? 

4. What type of furniture or finishes would the client like in the room? Chrome? Natural Reclaimed Wood? Classic Traditional wall finishes?

These questions and their answers lead to the final decision on where the lights need to be and how bright a light is needed. Take a look at our final choices and take note that different light fixtures can stand out and be the focal point of the room, or it can be a team playing fixture, gently adding texture or design to the finishing elements in the room. 

Let us know which one you like!

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