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The Golden Touch - How to Tips

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Gold Bowl Set - Coastal Decor on

Warm up your winter with some golden touches throughout your room. Metallic tones are making a big return to the design world and we're loving it! 

So, how do you take a room that has no gold or metal in it and add a few trendy pieces to look updated? Look around the room to see if a silver metal would fit your room's overall color.

Your room's colors would help you here. If you have a lot of reds and oranges, add gold. If you have a lot of cool blues and browns or greens, try silver metals or chrome finishes. If you're loving all the furry accents and light pastel tones in your room, try a rose gold finish. 

The options are endless to add a little trendy flare to your spaces. Start small and experiment with the tones and see what you really love. 

Our selection of gold toned ceramic look-a-like vases work great with natural succulents against a cool blue and warm gold painting. 

Want to see more? Stop by our showroom in Roslyn Heights, New York or visit our Online Store HERE

Gold Bowl Set - Coastal Decor on

Gold Bowl Set - Coastal Decor on

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