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Hampton Style: A 5 Step DIY Design

Posted by on - Coastal Home Decor Ideas

Introducing our first YouTube Video for those who have been asking how to set up our favorite designs for their own home.

This video is for the Hampton House we designed, but for those who are not by the coast or care for a beach house design, the design lessons can help across all genres of style.

Take a look for yourself. 

1. "Start with a piece you love!" With our first step, we suggest a large item you just can't live without. For us, its one our favorite velvet tufted sofas.

Just in case, we can change the seat colors for you if you're looking to have us order one custom-made for yourself. - Coastal Home Decor Ideas

2. "Add Nature to your Designs!" This tip is universal, but very loved by Coastal Home Designs. In the photo, we have a natural cut piece of agate, a geode stone showing all its glory. Use as a sculpture piece alone or as a bookend or for small pieces, a paper weight. Love nature? Try bringing home something from a trail walk or beach stroll for an affordable option. - Coastal Home Decor Ideas

3. "Keep Clean Lines". For a modern style to work, there should be clean lines in either your furniture choices or room finishes - floors, tiles and fabric. This photo shows you an example of how we achieved clean lines and a cozy place to snuggle up with a nice cocktail or book. Why not both? - Coastal Home Decor Ideas

4. "Add a touch of whimsy!" That's for character, like in any good book, it goes the same with any design. Remember that it's OK to add your signature style in books, photos and accents. For us, a last mark as a designer, we like to add a touch of whimsy that is gorgeous, clean and timeless like the side table in this photo. - Coastal Home Decor Ideas

5. "Balance with Light". When you're having a good day, people can see a glow on your face. In the same way, a room needs good lighting. Bring in a lot of sun through your windows or a warm glow from a fireplace. The easiest way is to add cool lamps on a side table, ceiling chandeliers or on the floor, a tall lamp for extra light. Make your room glow to show off all the great pieces you've added to your room! - Coastal Home Decor Ideas - Coastal Home Decor Ideas

Just to make these steps easy to remember, we've added it to a video. Enjoy! 

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